Thoughts on Patong Beach

06 Jul

Anyone who has ever visited Thailand will surely know the popularity of this island. This special island attracts people from all over the world every year. From shopping and beaches to spas and good food, Phuket really spoils tourists. Visit the island and you will know what fun is all about beach captions for Instagram.

When we talk about Phuket Island, the first thing that comes to mind is Pat Pat Ng Beach. This beach is undoubtedly the most visited beach in Phuket, where many people enjoy the sandy road.

Although Pat Pat Ng is no longer the most beautiful sight, it attracts a large number of people every day. Due to this huge crowd, Patong's unfamiliar pure white sand beach has become a crowd of people and umbrellas.

The virgin beauty of Patonggang Beach has been replaced by a crowd visiting the place. However, if you are looking for a scenic natural beauty that is not impressed by the crowds of tourists visiting Thailand, you should visit Mai Khao and Nai Yang, among others. You are not far from the kite.

Despite the crowds and noise the only factor of choice among Patrong Beach tourists is the type of facilities you can find here. There are no modern amenities available on this beach. This is the reason why people who want to explore Phuket choose this beach as their base.

In Patong, you never have to worry about your wallet finding accommodation. The location has hotels and guest houses that are suitable for every budget. If you are looking for a small place to go home without burning a hole in your pocket or you want to relax in the spa of a luxury resort, you will find everything on this beach.

Tourists visiting Thailand are always excited to find attractive Thai girls, and Patong Beach is no different. With the varied and exclusive nightlife of the beach, you will definitely keep your eyes on the girl you want yourself. Even in this regard, Petong has something for all kinds of people.

In winter, Florida's beaches are filled with snow birds, enjoying the sand and surf that have survived the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. In fact, I was one of them. But now that I'm in Florida all year, I think summer is the best time to have fun at the beach. The crowds increase during the August rains and the golf water is equally hot. Most importantly, Naughty Surf transforms into a gentle lollipop that is easy to handle for a sea swimmer like me.

My husband and I drive to the beach, which is only ten minutes from our house, after dinner two or three times a week when the sun is low on the horizon and a beautiful breeze keeps us cool. We take a long walk along the water and then I go for a swim while my husband watches the sun from the beach chair. I usually join him to watch the sun disappear on the horizon and fill the sky with stunning colorful panoramas.

We go to the beach in winter, but just for a walk because the water is cold, the surf is high and the beach is crowded. During a stroll last winter, we passed a family who would feel they were there most of the afternoon. Two big canopies which were firmly tied in the sand, several blankets and ice chests, which were spread all around. However, I did find a young girl, who was on her knees in front of the comortant, a short distance from the family. The bird took off its wings and when the girl approached it did not move. This was not normal behavior.

We left, but I kept worrying about the cormorant. When we passed the group back together, the family was still there, like a bird. I asked him how long is it. He said for hours. Initially, the bird spread its wings to dry it, then it closed its wings and has not moved since. I passed through dry sand and slid in front of the bird for a few meters. He blinked in front of me but he didn't move. He was found to be a young businessman and something was clearly wrong. I used my cell phone and found the bird rescue number which was on the island. With information about the bird and after suggesting it on the issue at the beach, we left, but urged me to stay and make sure the bird was taken care of.

As we continued walking, my husband (again) reminded me of my first bird attempt after transferring to the area. We were walking on the beach when we passed a Bhel country bird standing on one leg. Worried that something was wrong with the other leg of the bird, I was looking for a cell phone to borrow so that I could call the bird rescue service (I left mine at home). Then we moved a bit and some more birds came which were standing on one leg also. When we got home, I 'found the birds of Florida standing on one leg' and saw dozens of pictures of birds in one place. My husband will never let me forget this!

In fact, we didn't go to bird rescue very long after we left. I wrote stories for a local newspaper and had the opportunity to put together a couple named Donna and Bob, who ran a bird sanctuary and responded to endangered birds. They took me to a marina, where someone reported seeing a young pelvis entangled in a fishing line, which is very common for land birds. We went to the main dock, and Donna, about two meters tall and close to my age, took a handful of bait fish from the bucket over the dock. About twenty pelicans flew to pick up the fish, most of them birds, but also some juveniles, identified by their brown feathers.